Issues of the Solebury Democrats

The Delaware River flows under the Lumberville Bridge in Solebury (Photo: E. Allen)

Land Preservation: Leadership and Forward Thinking

Solebury township has been a leader in land preservation and it is exactly this forward thinking, proactive approach that makes the roads and villages of Solebury a sight to behold. Solebury’s open space and natural beauty is one of its main draws to residents and visitors alike. It is a credit to the citizens of the township that we have taken such a progressive position and it is because of responsible land conservation and preservation that the six historic villages and many historic homes look and feel much the same way they did many, many years ago. While some may worry that conservation costs too much, in reality land preservation results in lower taxes and increased property values as well as many other benefits. The Solebury Democrats vehemently support continued Land Preservation in Solebury.

Route 202 Corridor: Preserve Solebury

Solebury Democrats care deeply about preserving our beautiful Solebury. We vehemently oppose changes in the Comprehensive Plan which would support extensive commercial development along Route 202.

Taxes: Responsible Stewardship

We believe in responsible fiscal management, keeping our taxes low while providing the services necessary to enjoy our lives in Solebury.

Water: Our most precious resource

The Solebury Democrats believe that water resources remain of vital interest to the community. Solebury Township’s water is our most precious resource, and storm water run-off one of its greatest challenges. Every resident in Solebury gets their water from the same aquifers, though some of us have our own wells while others get water pumped up by Bucks County Water & Sewer. It all comes from the same source, however, the water under the ground. With 3,207 households in Solebury depending on that water source, and with the changes in the environment, landscape and climate, it is critical that the Township manage its water supply carefully.

Recreational Facilities: Supporting the Needs of the Community

The township saw a growth spurt in the early part of the last decade, especially among younger families with children. For some time, these families — and adults who enjoy playing on intramural sports teams — have expressed a desire for more playing fields. Other residents want more opportunities for passive recreational activities, such as biking and hiking trails. The Solebury Democrats support building a consensus and discovering various opportunities to support the recreational needs of the community within the context of the comprehensive plan. We believe in fostering community and protecting its interests. We believe in collaboration, honesty and open communication. We want the best education for our children and facilities for our communities. We strive to provide services while maintaining fiscal responsibility. This always means balancing interests and planning appropriately.