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Congratulations Steve Santarsiero,  our next State Senator from the 10th Senatorial District!


Thank you Helen Tai for being the incredibly hard working, competent and forever dedicated leader and Public Servant.  You are an inspiration to all.  You fought a great fight along with all your dedicated supporters.  In such a gerrymandered district where the odds were 60-40 against you, you got so very very close. 


Thank you Scott Wallace for putting yourself out there and fighting the battle for the blue. 


We are proud of our wins and sad for our losses, but more than ever, we are SO GLAD the Democrats won the House and we are ready to keep up the battle for our democracy. 


Onward to 2019 !!!   



UP FOR ELECTION  in  2019            -    Democracy is local    


Bucks County Commissioners and Row Officers


Solebury Township Supervisors and Auditors

New Hope Solebury School Directors





  *** Next Meeting of the Solebury Democrats  Monday,  Jan 21, 2019  7PM  ***   


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